Filipino Diet Meal Tips


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Try to ask Filipino kids ‘what is your favorite food?’ can you guess majority of the answers? Yes Filipino youth love to eat fast foods, even junk foods! Spaghetti, Fried chicken, Coke, instant noodles and powdered juice has been incorporated to our diet for decades now. The working class of this country has been reported that they lack proper exercise and sleep and yet many have been addicted to smoking and excessively drinking alcohol. Sedentary lifestyle had claimed thousands of our love ones these recent years. However, Filipinos of today still neglect the fact they need to change.


Effective Weight Loss Program: Knowledge + Discipline

Obesity or being overweight is one of the most perennial problems of a typical Filipino family. People resort to diet drink and pills for months only to find out that their efforts are busted. Even they pay a lot in gym memberships, hard work simply flunk. If you are reading this page right now, I know you can relate with what I am trying to convey here. Weight loss is not just skipping your meals and lifting your weights every day. There’s more to it than just that! You don’t have to starve yourself to death or punish yourself for being overweight. Any successful weight loss stories always starts with two things: knowledge and discipline. Have these qualities and its certain you will overcome most of your problems including obesity.


Keeping a diet and fitness routine

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pampaliit ng tiyan

Ang pinakamadaling paraan sa pagtanggal ng bilbil sa tiyan para sa mga Babae

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Highblood: Pangunahing Sanhi ng Kamatayan ng Mga Pilipino

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sintomas ng Buntis

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Pagtaas ng Timbang

Kulang sa tulog? Baka tumaba ka niyan!

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Some of you might ask, "Why am I gaining weight. I don't eat as much as I used to but still I am getting bigger" Here are some tips to help you lose a little weight.


Family Putting On In Line Skates In Park

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Family Putting On In Line Skates In Park

Family Time – pag-eehersisyo at pamilya

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people group  doing fitness exercises

Mga Larong Nagpapapayat-Mga ehersisyo sa loob ng bahay

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