Saging na Saba Diet Benefits

Saging na Saba Diet Benefits

Studies say that eating Saging na Saba or any other type of banana (only fresh, not cooked and not frozen) and drinking water at normal temperature as your breakfast everyday will help you in reducing overweight. What are really the Saging na Saba diet benefits and how does this diet work?

The Saging na Saba Diet – affordable and effective

This kind of diet is very easy to prepare because the main ingredient of this is available in the Philippines the whole year round. Saging na Saba is one of the major crop grown here in our country so it is very affordable.

Any banana, but especially Saging na Saba, is rich in fiber so eating it every day will increase your rate of metabolism and thus burn fats in your body. It is also abundant in resistant starch that will make you feel full very easily and over a longer time, which will help you to avoid unnecessary snacks.

What about the normal tempered water? Many experts say that drinking cold water may decelerate the rate of metabolism, so the Saging na Saba diet suggest that you avoid drinking cold water during breakfast.

Diet Experts additionally suggest that you must eat your dinner no later than 8 pm and avoid eating desserts after that. If in case you got hungry after you take your evening meal, it is best that you consume some fruits that are rich in fiber instead. In addition, one of the vital rules of every weight loss diet is that you must sleep early in the evening, that is before midnight. Doing this will minimize the temptation of eating again after dinner. Studies also show that there is a notable link between obesity and lack of sleep.

The Saging na Saba diet does not include any additional food restrictions. However, if eating Saging na Saba for breakfast does not seem to help you reduce overweight, you may try to eat 1 Saging na Saba before every meal. This will easily reduce your overall calorie intake.

Also, do not cook your Saging na Saba but rather eat it ripe (but not overripe). This will provide the best benefits as it will take longer for the body to digest it. A longer digestion process will provide energy over a longer time, making you hungry a little later. The effect may also help when you exercise, which we strongly recommend!

Saging na Saba Diet Benefits

  • Eating breakfast regularly will boost your metabolism and will lower the risk of over eating the whole day.
  • Getting rid of caffeine during breakfast will help in regulating your blood glucose level and will prevent you lessen your unnecessary appetite for food.
  • Eating your dinner before 8 pm will help you control yourself from eating late night snacks, especially those foods that are high in calories.
  • Saging na Saba is like any banana a healthy food with lots of fiber, vitamin B6 and vitamin C, and is also rich in potassium.

Disadvantages of the Saging na Saba Diet

  • There are some cases that some individuals metabolism has problems when it comes to responding to the banana carbohydrates.
  • The psychological factor should be considered. Eating some same food every day can cause a diet frustration.

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